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Looking for a fitness trainer in San Diego who listens to your personal goals and helps you achieve them?


Farfalla Fitness is your answer. Offering private and group classes for kids and adults ages 5 and up, our unique and comprehensive fitness method develops your whole body.

Our highly qualified fitness professionals are internationally acclaimed athletes and multiple award-winning coaches. They passionately care about your health, working to address your weaknesses, build your strengths and teach you how to move confidently and with self-control. They keep you motivated and offer expert advice. They model the Farfalla Lifestyle and make exercise a fun and worthwhile effort.

With our expert personal fitness trainers, there’s no need to trudge through your workouts alone. Whether you choose our energetic group classes or prefer the intensity and focus of private lessons, we are your partner in fitness and in health.

Female Fitness Classes


Building a strong, feminine physique isn’t for the faint-of-heart. Our fitness trainers are here to guide you through important stretching regimens, strength-building exercises and challenging workouts. Through our classes and private lessons, you’ll gain self-confidence and discipline. You’ll improve your poise and posture, and you’ll achieve the graceful fitness of your dreams.

Our group classes are fun and productive.
– Our adult stretching class gives you the flexibility you need to exercise effectively. A lithe, limber body is less injury-prone and derives more benefit from exercise. These perks make our stretching class a good place to start.
– For overall fitness, it’s tough to beat the comprehensive, fun workouts provided in our Farfalla Fit Adults course.
– For a really challenging workout, check out our Master Class Fitness and Strength Workshops.

Targeted, focused workouts can advance your fitness more quickly. If you need a little extra time with one of our fitness trainers, try out our private lessons. We customize workouts to fit your individual needs and change them when necessary to keep your body challenged.

Kids’ Gymnastics Classes


Whether your kids want to become rhythmic gymnasts or better athletes, our kids’ classes help them develop the skills and strength they need. We want San Diego kids to be fit, confident and healthy, and we offer many classes to achieve those goals.

Flexibility and stretching classes and our Farfalla Fit Kids courses help kids build a foundation of athleticism. With the skills they learn in these classes, kids better protect themselves from injury, learn to prepare their bodies for activity and build overall strength and stamina. We also offer a flexibility and strength class specifically for boys.

Our private lessons are geared toward young athletes who have challenging goals or who want to accelerate their skill development. Private lessons are also helpful for young athletes who are just starting out in a sport. We provide private lessons in gymnastics as well as in flexibility and strength training.

Whatever the fitness goal, Farfalla Fitness is San Diego’s premier fitness trainer.



Farfalla Fitness for adults is a unique conditioning program that uses the principles of rhythmic gymnastics to create healthy bodies and minds. Interesting, rewarding and fun, this exclusive training method helps you develop strong muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness. Classes and customized training sessions are available to adults of all ages looking to break out of their tedious exercise regimens. We also take special care to tailor the training to fit your body’s individual needs. That personalized attention helps you maximize your time and effort in creating a body that is healthy, vibrant and vital.

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Farfalla Fitness for kids is an innovative and fresh conditioning program for San Diego-area children. Our unique fitness program helps kids from ages 5 to 18 build important physical skills and strengths. Coordination, flexibility, stamina and overall fitness are just a few benefits kids develop through our one-of-a-kind program. Best of all, our kids’ fitness program is geared for all levels of fitness and achievement. It’s suitable for kids who simply want to become more active. It’s also an excellent primer for kids with dreams of competing in sports at an elite level. Whatever your goals, this program is a good entree into the unique athletic facility that is Farfalla.

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Best Fitness Trainer in San Diego at Farfalla Fitness

Become the strong, self-confident person you wish to be. We’ll help you build and maintain a healthy body that exudes energy and strength. Through our unique and comprehensive training, you’ll gain a beautiful and fit physique and achieve your personal fitness goals. We provide expert guidance, customized workouts and challenging group classes to fit your needs. We can’t wait to help you become a fitter you with the Farfalla Lifestyle!

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new fitness program challenges you

Farfalla is an elegant and beautiful fitness program that unlike traditional forms of exercise puts an emphasis grace while still maintaining and building the strength and athleticism required to perform and manipulate the apparatus used in rhythmic gymnastics routines.

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Female personal trainer helping girl in leg stretching workout on the floor

Private Lessons

We want to help you become fit, confident and healthy. Our private fitness lessons provide you with the intensive, one-on-one training that takes your workouts to a new, challenging level. Whether you want to prepare for a special fitness challenge or you want to achieve optimum health, our targeted private fitness sessions are designed specifically for you

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Personal trainer helping girl in leg stretching workout at gym fitness. Two women working muscles back to warm up doing exercises aerobics with gymnastics for flexibility.

local personal fitness trainer san diego

Achieving peak personal fitness is about making the most of your body’s flexibility and strength and developing self-control of all your muscle groups. Farfalla Fitness is a new local personal fitness trainer in San Diego offering an innovative new fitness program to help you and your family achieve this level of full-body fitness.

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Flexibility & Strength

flexibility & strength group class

Flexibility and strength are the fundamental building blocks of all athletics. Athletes and dancers must develop these skills if they want to excel in their sport. There’s no better way to advance those traits than with Farfalla’s Flexibility & Strength group class. Our comprehensive program guarantees results, using innovative elements of rhythmic gymnastics.

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  • Two months ago, I decided to search for local flexibility/stretching classes for my daughter, who is now 6 years old. Found this great trainer Iryna Yemengulova, she has a master of sport degree in rhythmic gymnastics, and glad she was able to offer  private lessons. Highly recommend!

    Jacob G.
  • Iryna is very knowledgeable and has a great personality, so my daughter likes going to those flexibility classes with pleasure. Moreover, my daughter’s posture and  overall flexibility have been improved a lot. Highly recommend!

    Mikalai L. San Diego, CA
  • We started at Farfalla over a year ago. Iryna is wonderful and dedicated coach and takes each child to their full potential.  Coach Iryna is world class and brings out the best in each child.  She is firm and has high expectations, but very loving and encouraging.  She has created a great environment for her students and my daughter looks forward to coming to each class.  The training is well-rounded and focused with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.

    My daughter is a competitive ice skater and we came to Farfalla to increase her strength and flexibility, but my husband and I feel that she received so much more.  Not only has her strength & flexibility greatly improved but she is so much more graceful in her skating.  Coach Iryna has transformed our little shy daughter into a confident young lady and we are grateful.

    My friends and the other ice skating moms have noticed my daughter’s presence on ice and have complimented her skating.  Even her ice skating coach is impressed.  Her jump leaps, extensions, spins, balance and control are beautiful and much stronger.

    I just wished we have found her sooner!!  It’s a privilege to have Iryna as my daughter’s coach.

    Pop Grothe
  • As a parent of two daughters who both seriously do sports, I have seen a number of strength and conditioning coaches but no one quite like Farfalla fitness head coach Iryna Emengulova.

    My daughters Nicole (figure skater and ex-rhythmics gymnast) and Elina (tennis player and ex-rhythmic gymnast) have been training with Iryna during past 3 years with really positive experience. During that time they achieved amazing results in their technical skills and in their flexibility, which is very important for many kinds of sports. Iryna actually teaches how to master each part of the element, step by step, and pays attention to every detail. It takes a lot of patience and repetitions. The quality of coaching is excellent – Iryna brings her discipline, hard work and technical knowledge form her own experience to her coaching.The training program Iryna and Nicolay made is challenging both physically and mentally, and it prepares kids to be confident and relentless once the competition starts. Above and beyond Iryna’s knowledge of strength and conditioning, she is passionate and intelligent. I know she puts in an unbelievable amount of work to come up with programs that suite each sportsmen.

    I would highly recommend Farfalla fitness to any sportsman. Many thanks to Iryna for all she has done and continues to do for my daughters.

    Irina Shalaeva
  • Coach Iryna’s expertise in Rhythmic Gymnastic has taught Kaila to use the body to full extent. Every movement has purpose to execute elements effectively, and coach Iryna will make sure that Kaila understands that. Kaila has improved so much in terms of strength and gracefulness in a short period of training with her. Coach Iryna is strict but in a manner that is caring and students appreciate her coaching style.

    Kaori Coimbra


Adults and kids throughout the region can achieve strength, poise and good health through an innovative new fitness program at Farfalla Fitness. A graceful and elegant fitness program, Farfalla appropriately takes its name from the Italian word for butterfly. Farfalla Fit Adults and Farfalla Fit Kids are non-traditional exercise programs that focus on toning and strengthening muscles to create lissome movement.

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