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Our Team Is Tops at Farfalla Fitness

Highly skilled fitness professionals lead our classes, aided by their experiences as international athletic champions and award-winning coaches. They are highly educated, holding advanced degrees in sports. Farfalla fitness experts are passionate about your health and provide professional training in a welcoming setting.



Iryna Yemengulova is a former Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast. She was training and competing not only in her native country, but also in Bulgaria and on the international level, winning gold, silver and bronze medals. During her competitive career, Iryna was awarded as a Master of Sport (International Champion) in rhythmic gymnastics. For the past five years, Iryna has been coaching children all over the world. She educates coaches in the United States and teaches them how to develop their own flexibility and strength programs. Iryna became a performer in 2004, first in Bulgaria’s Twin Kingdom program (dance show). For the past nine years, she has performed in galas throughout the world. Iryna has performed at the Blue Horizon’s Show at San Diego’s Sea World, where she was casting as the main character, Aurora. Today Iryna is a successful founder of Farfalla Fitness and creator of Flexibility and Strength program for athlets. She also continue to coach athlets (some of them are already became students of Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, US National Team of rythmic gymnastic, figure skaters and hockey players; TOP-10 winners of the Dance Awards) and create individual programs for them.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Alexandra (Sasha) R. Munson

Grossmont High School 2013-2015 (9th-10th grade)
Grossmont Middle College High School (currently in 11th grade)
Grossmont College (partnership with Grossmont Middle College High School program)
Concurrently earning college credits while completing high school requirements
Volunteer Experience:
Grow Smart Children’s Academy
– guiding the children at the development center towards courteous behavior and manners
– providing a responsible character as an example for the children
– assisting in daily learning activities and helping out around the facility (organizing documents, computer work, cleaning, closing up, answering questions from the children and visitors, etc)
Key Club at Grossmont Middle College High School
– attending and organizing local volunteering events such as beach/river clean-ups, park preservation projects, fundraisers, collecting clothing donations, food drives
– coordinate group meetings, discussions, plan out events, have elections for leadership Positions
Volunteer at Sharp Grossmont Hospital
– greeting and directing patients and their families, maintaining a positive environment by assisting anyone in need with respect, keeping patient information private, computer Organization, etc.
Work Experience:
San Diego Rhythms School of Rhythmic Gymnastics – Assistant Coach
– worked with the program directors 4 hours per week in training the younger gymnasts to improve skills, such as flexibility, strength, dance, and coordination with the equipment, and provide guidance in maintaining a positive mindset and joyful atmosphere
Metro Dance Academy –  Rhythmic Gymnastics/Stretching Instructor
– currently coaching rhythmic gymnastics and stretching classes for young girls of all ages with the program director 2 hours a week and offering private lessons
Rhythmic Gymnastics Experience:
San Diego Rhythms- 10 years as a competitive rhythmic gymnast
Level 5 Region 1 Athlete of the Year and Regional Champion
Level 7 Rhythmic Challenge Champion
2-time Elite Squad member
Level 5,6,7, and 9 Junior Olympic Team member
Level 6 and 7 Junior Olympic National Champion
Level 9 National Qualifiers Participant
Certified U.S.A Gymnastics Junior Trainer

  • Two months ago, I decided to search for local flexibility/stretching classes for my daughter, who is now 6 years old. Found this great trainer Iryna Yemengulova, she has a master of sport degree in rhythmic gymnastics, and glad she was able to offer  private lessons. Highly recommend!

    Jacob G.
  • Iryna is very knowledgeable and has a great personality, so my daughter likes going to those flexibility classes with pleasure. Moreover, my daughter’s posture and  overall flexibility have been improved a lot. Highly recommend!

    Mikalai L. San Diego, CA
  • We started at Farfalla over a year ago. Iryna is wonderful and dedicated coach and takes each child to their full potential.  Coach Iryna is world class and brings out the best in each child.  She is firm and has high expectations, but very loving and encouraging.  She has created a great environment for her students and my daughter looks forward to coming to each class.  The training is well-rounded and focused with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.

    My daughter is a competitive ice skater and we came to Farfalla to increase her strength and flexibility, but my husband and I feel that she received so much more.  Not only has her strength & flexibility greatly improved but she is so much more graceful in her skating.  Coach Iryna has transformed our little shy daughter into a confident young lady and we are grateful.

    My friends and the other ice skating moms have noticed my daughter’s presence on ice and have complimented her skating.  Even her ice skating coach is impressed.  Her jump leaps, extensions, spins, balance and control are beautiful and much stronger.

    I just wished we have found her sooner!!  It’s a privilege to have Iryna as my daughter’s coach.

    Pop Grothe
  • As a parent of two daughters who both seriously do sports, I have seen a number of strength and conditioning coaches but no one quite like Farfalla fitness head coach Iryna Emengulova.

    My daughters Nicole (figure skater and ex-rhythmics gymnast) and Elina (tennis player and ex-rhythmic gymnast) have been training with Iryna during past 3 years with really positive experience. During that time they achieved amazing results in their technical skills and in their flexibility, which is very important for many kinds of sports. Iryna actually teaches how to master each part of the element, step by step, and pays attention to every detail. It takes a lot of patience and repetitions. The quality of coaching is excellent – Iryna brings her discipline, hard work and technical knowledge form her own experience to her coaching.The training program Iryna and Nicolay made is challenging both physically and mentally, and it prepares kids to be confident and relentless once the competition starts. Above and beyond Iryna’s knowledge of strength and conditioning, she is passionate and intelligent. I know she puts in an unbelievable amount of work to come up with programs that suite each sportsmen.

    I would highly recommend Farfalla fitness to any sportsman. Many thanks to Iryna for all she has done and continues to do for my daughters.

    Irina Shalaeva
  • Coach Iryna’s expertise in Rhythmic Gymnastic has taught Kaila to use the body to full extent. Every movement has purpose to execute elements effectively, and coach Iryna will make sure that Kaila understands that. Kaila has improved so much in terms of strength and gracefulness in a short period of training with her. Coach Iryna is strict but in a manner that is caring and students appreciate her coaching style.

    Kaori Coimbra
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