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Farfalla Fitness is a new innovated flexibility and strength program for athletes and dancers. Flexibility and strength are the fundamental building blocks of all athletics. Athletes and dancers must develop these skills if they want to excel in their sport. Our comprehensive program guarantees results, using innovative elements of rhythmic gymnastics.

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A New Innovated Flexibility and Strength
Program for Athletes and Dancers.

Flexibility and strength are the fundamental building blocks of all athletics. Athletes and dancers must develop these skills if they want to excel in their sport. Our comprehensive program guarantees results, using innovative elements of rhythmic gymnastics.

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Alexandra Munson

Personal Trainer / Rhythmic Gymnast

Volunteer Experience: Grow Smart Children’s Academy – guiding the children at the development center towards courteous behavior and manners – providing a responsible character as an example for the children – assisting in daily learning activities and helping out around the facility (organizing documents, computer work, cleaning, closing up, answering questions from the children and visitors, etc)

Key Club at Grossmont Middle College High School – attending and organizing local volunteering events such as beach/river clean-ups, park preservation projects, fundraisers, collecting clothing donations, food drives – coordinate group meetings, discussions, plan out events, have elections for leadership Positions Volunteer at Sharp Grossmont Hospital – greeting and directing patients and their families, maintaining a positive environment by assisting anyone in need with respect, keeping patient information private, computer Organization, etc.

Work Experience: San Diego Rhythms School of Rhythmic Gymnastics – Assistant Coach – worked with the program directors in training the younger gymnasts to improve skills, such as flexibility, strength, dance, and coordination with the equipment, and provide guidance in maintaining a positive mindset and joyful atmosphere Metro Dance Academy – Rhythmic Gymnastics/Stretching Instructor – currently coaching rhythmic gymnastics and stretching classes for young girls of all ages Rhythmic Gymnastics Experience:

San Diego Rhythms- 10 years as a competitive rhythmic gymnast Level 5 Region 1 Athlete of the Year and Regional Champion Level 7 Rhythmic Challenge Champion 2-time Elite Squad member Level 5,6,7, and 9 Junior Olympic Team member Level 6 and 7 Junior Olympic National Champion Level 9 National Qualifiers Participant Certified U.S.A Gymnastics Junior Trainer

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Iryna Yemengulova

Personal Trainer / Rhythmic Gymnast

Iryna Yemengulova is an individual Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast. She trained and competed in Ukraine, her native country, Bulgaria, and Internationally. In Ukraine, Iryna trained at Chernomorec School in Odessa and was one of Ukraine’s gymnasts of interest. Throughout her athletic career, Iryna have participated and place top 3 in many national and international competitions .

Iryna completed her career in the early 2000's and was granted the title of Master of Sports. After completing her career in professional sports, Iryna went on to coach for five years internationally. In 2002 she moved to the United States and founded Farfalla Fitness a Flexibility and Strengthen Program. Farfalla Fitness Strength and Flexibility is an effective flexibility program works closely with athletes and coaches. At Farfalla Fitness, Iryna imparts Coaches with knowledge and skills necessary to assist them to develop their own flexibility and strength program.

Iryna also instructs the very young to the most accomplished athletes in a way that helps them to be their personal best in a safe and developmental approach. She inspired and developed athletes from novice to the most advanced. Iryna is excellent at developing a student into an artist. She provides young dancers with skills that are vital to their artistic growth. Dancers such as Emma York, Alex Andrada, and Jade Bucci became TOP-10 winners of the Dance Awards. Other dancers became members of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. Furthermore, the athletes she coaches became the United States Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team, figure skaters, and renown hockey players. She provides dancers and athletes a sense of discipline, teamwork, and commitment which remains with them throughout their lives.

Iryna is dedicated to excellence in the sport and mastery of art, and an ideal coach for high-quality training. She is a trained and qualified choreographer and master of many dance styles.

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Dance classes in San Diego

Do you want to be a better dancer? Do you want to move more efficiently and with better control? Do you want to reduce your risk of injury and improve your overall strength and fluidity? If so, you can benefit by supplementing your traditional dance classes with our targeted Flexibility and Strength classes. These classes are a great way to improve your overall flexibility, strength, posture and muscle control, whether you’re a dancer or not. Our classes are taught by skilled, highly trained athletes who are national and international professional competitors. Classes are available for students of all skill and age levels, so you can find the course that suits your unique needs.

What To Expect

Exercises in our classes are varied and targeted for your skill level and goals. Just as your conventional dance classes begin with warm-up sessions, our Farfalla Fitness classes also begin with warm-up exercises. These warm-ups are designed to increase blood flow to the muscles you’ll be working in our classes. Often, you’ll begin by stretching and strengthening your feet. We find that many dancers neglect to adequately develop and train their foot muscles, even though foot strength and flexibility are critical to proper movement, technique and posture. Our foot exercises help you gain the high arch and high instep needed for a beautifully pointed toe or a modern-dance flexed foot. If you are striving to dance en pointe, these exercises help you achieve the foot flexibility and strength needed to center your foot over the box of a pointe shoe.

Once your feet are warmed up and ready, our trainer will guide you through upper body warm-ups and stretches. Upper body flexibility and strength are needed to perform many different kinds of bending moves and positions such as backbends, layouts, walkovers and scorpion leg holds. You’ll also strengthen the core muscles that improve your ability to perform balances, poses, turns, leaps and jumps. Next, you’ll be led through a series of lower body flexibility and strength exercises. These exercises help athletes and dancers learn to execute kicks, jumps, high leg extensions and a variety of other dance moves. Classes conclude with kick exercises to strengthen many muscle groups simultaneously and tighten vital core muscles.

Training From World-Class Athletes

Our trainers are award-winning competitive athletes who have a passion for helping athletes of all ages to succeed. Their accomplishments on the world stage give them unique perspectives on fitness, performance and achievement. Our owner, Iryna Yemengulova, is an internationally renowned rhythmic gymnast who holds a Master of Sports designation. Trainer Alexandra Munson is an accomplished rhythmic gymnast who has successfully competed regionally, nationally and in the Junior Olympics. She has coached gymnastics locally for several years, and she is a certified U.S.A. Gymnastics junior trainer. Both of our trainers are active members of the San Diego-area community, and they have coached a variety of regional, state and national athletes in rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating and hockey. Whether you’re an elite or an aspiring athlete, you’ll benefit from the experience of our skilled coaches.

How to Select the Right Class For You

We are always happy to speak with you about your current skill level and athletic goals so that you can find the right class for you. You are also welcome to browse through our website to find the Farfalla Fitness classes that best supplement your conventional dance classes. We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced classes for athletes, young or mature. You may also want to check out our online Flexibility and Strength classes that help prepare your body for movement and dance. You can progress through our online classes at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Our online classes can be purchased here on our website by clicking the Buy Online button.

If you want to dance more gracefully, improve your muscle control or simply improve your daily physical function, our fitness classes can help. Call us today, click on Face-to-Face Classes or click Buy Online to start improving your dance ability today. It’s never too soon or too late to achieve your dance dreams by developing a flexible, supple, strong and capable physique.




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Private flexibility

Get your young athletes the special attention they need with private lessons. This particular course offers customized one-on-one strength and flexibility training for your child’s specific goals and needs. Whether they play a sport like soccer or attend hip-hop classes, this course will help them grow into better and healthier athletes.

per private lesson
1 Hour Private
2 lessons per Week
1 Hour Long
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Group flexibility

Stretching is the cornerstone on which all athletic training is founded. We offer a comprehensive training program that utilizes unique elements from rhythmic gymnastics, helping young athletes gain maximum flexibility and strength while learning correct posture and stretching techniques.

4 times a month
1 Hour Long
4 times a month
1.5 Hour Long
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Master Class

Get that extra little push toward greater flexibility and strength with our special workshops. Intended to help elevate your athletic and dance performance, this workshop teaches you to master body elements like balance, jumps and turns. You'll also be guided through a number of exercises and techniques to boost your flexibility so you are a stronger, better athlete or dancer.

1 hour master class
1.5 hours master class
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Online Class

Farfalla Fitness is a new online Flexibility and Strength program. We provide online classes in the range of static and dynamic stretching. It is scientific evidence that the incidence of injury decreases with proper stretching. Not all program provides this discipline. Farfalla fitness gives a new approach to stretching. We present series of warm-ups, feet strength/flexibility, and incorporation total body flexibility /strength combinations at three different levels. Our program is used by dancers and athletes around the world to supplement their traditional dance and athletic training education. It is an exceptional way to reboot your flexibility and boost your performance.

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Online classes

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