Flexibility and Strength WINTER CAMP

Flexibility and Strength WINTER CAMP
For Dancers and Athletes
Dec 30th-Jan 3rd
Dec 31st-Jan4th

Camp Information
These classes are designed specifically for young dancers & athletes from various sports. Our classes explicitly target the hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and different muscle groups. Main focus is to strengthen and lengthen these muscles to improve body performance, to develop macro and micro muscle groups, body coordination, posture and enhance elasticity without injuries through proper techniques. These classes also emphasize reinforcing the core and back muscles to be able to perform flexible movements without pain. Ultimately, after this class every kid will maximize his physical capabilities!
Each class prepares kids to perform elements they never thought possible. Whether it’s mastering jumps, turns, leg extensions or complicated step work, advancing flexibility is vital. Kids learn basic exercises, build confidence in the elements they need to develop flexibility.
Moreover playing while exercising brings so much joy and discipline, teaches kids to understand their body and be more conscious!

About our Method:
FARFALLA Stretch Method – an innovative athletic method with rhythmic gymnastics elements to improve agility, focus, master in stretching, flexibility and strength. It’s suitable for all kids ages, helps to prevent injuries, improve discipline. It’s essential part of any sports activity.

Camp Prices
Buy 1 day: $150 per day
Save $15 by paying Early Bird $135
December 30th- Jan 3rd
December 31st- Jan 4th
• 1 day of Flexibility & Technique Training
• Arts,Crafts & Activities
• Exclusive Gift: Surprise

Grab our $45 New Client Special to expreriance sweat drippin’ , beat bumpin’ , flexibility/stretch
  • 3 stretch Classes
  • Complimentary Mat + Towel
  • Avalible for a Limited-Time Only