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Flexibility and strength classes for classical ballet

Develop the flexibility and confidence to dance lithely and gracefully with our Flexibility and Strength classes. While ballet classes focus a few minutes on stretching important muscles, Farfalla Fitness’ Flexibility and Strength classes go a step beyond that. Our entire class is focused on helping you develop the pliant, supple muscles you need to dance with strength, grace and control. Any dancer can benefit from stretching classes for ballet, but our Flexibility and Strength classes are vital for anyone who yearns to dance ballet at an advanced level.

What to Expect

Like most fitness classes, our Flexibility and Strength classes for classical ballet begin with warm-up exercises. These exercises stimulate blood flow to your muscles so that your muscles can flex and contract safely. We then work on lengthening and stretching your foot muscles. These foot exercises help you develop the high arch and high instep necessary in ballet. You’ll work on achieving a beautifully pointed toe and gaining that classic demi-pointe in soft ballet shoes. For advanced ballet dancers, this foot flexibility and strength is vital to being able to center your foot over your pointe shoe’s toe box.

Next, your instructor will guide you through a series of stretches for your upper body. These exercises will help you perfect your arm movements. They also help you achieve dance positions and movements that require fluid upper back and shoulder flexibility. Your core muscle strength and stability are also enhanced with these exercises. These exercises are great for improving your pirouettes, leg extensions and holds as well as jetes and battements.

After your feet and upper body are fully stretched, your trainer will likely guide you through a series of lower body exercises. These will improve your range of motion around vital joints such as your hips and knees. Lower body injuries are fairly common among ballet dancers, so this is an important area of concentration for stretching classes for ballet. In addition to reducing your risk of injury, these lower body exercises are designed to help you gain control during many ballet moves. You can expect to improve your flexibility and control during kicks, jetes, leg extensions, splits and other ballet steps that require hip and leg discipline.

Online Classes

If you want to experience our classes outside of our studio, we offer a variety of online Flexibility and Strength classes for classical ballet dancers and other athletes. Online classes are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced athletes, whether you’re a dancer, gymnast or ball player. There are several advantages to using our online classes in addition to our in-studio flexibility classes. Here are few benefits of our online classes:

  • You’ll be able to experience our training methods in the privacy of your own home
  • You’ll prepare your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments for dance, sport and other movements.
  • You’ll improve your overall flexibility and health
  • You can work on advancing your flexibility and strength at any time, according to your own schedule.

Benefits to Our Stretching Classes for Ballet Dancers

Our Flexibility and Strength classes are a terrific complement to your ballet dance classes. Our training allows you to focus on lengthening muscles throughout your body. This lengthening creates the supple, pliant and flexible strength you need to execute each ballet move. Since you’re focusing on your flexibility at Farfalla Fitness, you can dedicate yourself to perfecting your dance steps when you’re at your traditional ballet dance classes. We offer the perfect supplement to ballet dance classes for young and aspiring ballet dancers. Call us today or complete our online form to sign up for a class.

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